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Webinar: IT needs for hybrid hearings


Need to determine the AV requirements for fully remote and/or hybrid hearings? Or maybe you’ve found yourself troubleshooting the best way to present digital evidence and have witnesses appear remotely? Then there are questions on how to deal with acoustics in historic courthouses and other new support questions from court staff and judicial officers who have increased technology needs.

Since the start of the pandemic, courts across the country have adapted their processes to allow for remote and virtual proceedings. Join us for the third discussion in a series of webinars focused on best practices and tips for how to handle IT needs for courts adapting to allow for virtual and/or hybrid hearings. This webinar will feature a high-energy and practical discussion with three thoughtful court technologists who have been supporting their courts’ transition to offer virtual and hybrid hearings. They will share how they have addressed challenges in adapting their physical courtrooms to a virtual environment and offer practical tips for making remote/virtual proceedings effective.


  • Stacey Marz, State Court Administrator for the Alaska State Courts


  • Jack McCarthy, Chief Information Officer, New Jersey Courts
  • Snorri Ogata, Chief Information Officer at Superior Court of CA, Los Angeles County
  • Ellen Haines, IT Supervisor, Oregon Judicial Department

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