Volume 26, Number 2 ~ 2005


Diversifying the Federal Bench: Presidential Patterns  
Rorie L. Spill-Solberg and Kathleen A. Bratton

Comparing the Decision Making of Specialized Courts and General Courts: An Exploration of Tax Decisions   
Robert M. Howard

From the Benches and Trenches

After White: An Insider’s Thoughts on Judicial Campaign Speech  
Rebecca Mae Salokar

A Mini-Symposium on Court Administration Education  

Reflections on Education in Judicial Administration
Carl Baar

Discipline or Focus: Court Administration Education Three Decades Later
William E. Raftery

ICM and Court Administration: The First Thirty-Five Years
Charles Ericksen

Thirty Five Years and Still Counting
Robert B. Yegge

The Court Administration Program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Diane M. Hartmus

Judicial Administration at the University of South Carolina
James W. Douglas

Going Forward Where Others Have Failed: Michigan State University’s New Judicial Administration Program
Terry Nafisi and Maureen E. Conner

Justice System Degree Programs at the University of Nevada, Reno
James T. Richardson, Jane L. Robinson, and Denise Schaar-Buis

Legal Notes

The Supreme Court Says Rules are Rules: Ballard v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue  
Robert M. Howard

The Freedom of Information Act, Personal Privacy, and Litigations; C ourt Budgets and the Mootness Doctrine; Impaneling Multiple Juries in Civil Suits 

The Judge and the Discharged Clerk Revisited

Composition of Article III Courts of Appeals
Todd Lochner

Review Section

Review of Wilson, The Rise of Judicial Management in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas  
Laura Moyer

Review of Jonakait, The American Jury System
G. Thomas Munsterman

Review of Johnson, Oral Arguments and Decision Making on the United States Supreme Court
Barbara Palmer

Of Note