Volume 29, Number 3 ~ 2008

Special Issue: Court-Related Aspects of Capital Punishment


The Law and the Courts

Give Him a Fair Trial, Then Hang Him: The Supreme Courts's Modern Death Penalty Jurisprudence  
Mark S. Hurwitz

Proportionality Review and the Death Penalty  
Timothy V. Kaufman-Osborn

Justice Delayed or Justice Denied? A Contemporary Review of Capital Habeas Corpus  
Jon B. Gould

ABA Guideline 10.7 (B)(2): The New Achilles' Heel for Trial Courts and Counsel Handling Death Penalty Cases?  
Rose Jade

Why So Long? Explaining Processing Time in Capital Appeals  
James N. G. Cauthen and Barry Latzer


Plea Bargaining and the Death Penalty: An Exploratory Study  
Susan Ehrhard

Starving the Death Penalty: Do Financial Considerations Limit Its Use?  
James W. Douglas and Helen King Stockstill

Race, Prosecution, and Juries: The Death Penalty in Tennessee  
John M. Scheb II, William Lyons, and Kristin A. Wagers

The Illinois Death Penalty Defense System and the ABA Capital Defense Guidelines  
Robert S. Burke

The Private Bar's Efforts to Secure Proper Representation for Those Facing Execution
Ronald J. Tabak

Whose Justice? Prosecution and Defense Reactions to Capital-Case Reversals  
Paul Parker and Ben Coate


Life Qualification, Automatic Death Penalty Voter Status, and Juror Decision Making in Capital Cases  
Marla Sandys and Adam Trahan

Stress and the Capital Jury: How Male and Female Jurors React to Serving on a Murder Trial  
Michael E. Antonio

Efforts at System Reform

New Jersey's Road to Abolition  
Jessica S. Henry

Moratorium and Reform: Illinois's Efforts to Make the Death Penalty Process "Fair, Just, and Accurate"  
Barbara J. Hayler

Review Section

Review of White, Litigating in the Shadow of Death  
Charles Anthony Smith

Review of Haney, Death by Design  
Wanda D. Foglia

Review of Lanier, Bowers, and Acker (eds.), The Future of America's Death Penalty: An Agenda for the Next Generation of Capital Punishment Research  
Eric N. Waltenburg