Court Management

Caseflow Management

Shows how the coordination of court processes and resources can move cases in a timely fashion from filing to disposition through differentiated case management, case-processing time standards, and other techniques.

Commercial Driving Resources

The Commercial Driving Resource Center assists in reducing the number of crashes and fatalities involving commercial vehicles by increasing outreach to the court community so that cases involving CDL holders and operators can be properly adjudicated and timely notifications made to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Court Reporting

Examines court recording/reporting and the various methods used, such as audio, video, and digital recording; computer-aided transcription; speech recognition; and non-electronic methods.

Leadership/Change Management

Examines how understanding the different functions and qualities of leaders and managers, and how to choose and cultivate individuals for those roles, is essential to the effective operation of the state courts.

Opioids and the Courts

The devastating effect of opioid use in many U.S. communities is evident on court dockets across the country on a daily basis. Courts must play an active role in providing solutions to this deadly epidemic.